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How to Measure for Curtains

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Is there enough fabric?


Let us do the sums!  To get started, we'll need:

  • the width of your window (from frame edge to frame edge).

  • the length of your window (from frame edge to sill).

  • the length from the upper frame edge to the floor (if you want floor length curtains).

  • the details of the fabric you're interested in.

This will allow us to work out if there's enough fabric on the roll-end or if a ready-made curtain will fit.


It's also helpful for us to have a photo of the window (but don't worry if you can't easily take a photo - we can do without!).

For upholstery, please send us a photo of your seat, chair or bench with dimensions (height/width/depth).

Then telephone and/or email us to send us the information.   


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